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200 CHF per session

What is Micro-Needling

While a single puncture does not cause any effect, and does not trigger any positive process for the skin, hundreds of microscopic needles induce sufficient collagen formation to develop a filling process in:

  • Post acne scars
  • Wrinkles
  • Upper lip wrinkles (bar code)
  • Stretch Marks

Triggering a process of skin rejuvenation in:

  • Damaged face skin
  • Cleavage

The physical process is rather complex, but the mechanism is actually very simple.

The principle of micro-needling is to exploit the natural self-healing ability of the body. The organism reacts to the introduction of micro needles, as it will react to any other object penetrating the skin.

The difference is in the size of the object - the micro needle. The insertion of small and thin surgical needles (specifically designed) into the skin stimulates the proliferation of new cells.

The ultimate mission of these cells is to produce collagen that integrates with the existing one in the epidermis giving greater thickness to the skin, filling atrophic scars and wrinkles and initiating the complete regeneration of the skin. Needling is not an ablative technique such as laser, but requires special attention. It is indeed contraindicated in case of herpes or bacterial infections active on the area to be treated. In addition, ultraviolet exposure should be avoided in the 4 weeks following the treatment.

The procedure is not particularly unpleasant, though a small blood gem can occur. This happens when the micro-needles arrive to stimulate dermal papilla, the site of fibroblastic stimulation.

The results are visible already one week after the session.

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