Face Treatment

Laser ER-Yag

Laser ER-Yag

Starting from 250 CHF per session

Signs of skin ageing such as discolouration, roughness and irregularities of the texture, telangiectasia, can be effectively fought with the use of lasers and pulsed lights.

How does it work?

These systems emitting light energy at different wavelengths selectively hit different biological "targets" in the skin, causing thermal destruction. For example, hitting melanin, it is possible to improve discolouration, hitting the haemoglobin instead, tiny capillaries and telangiectasia can be damaged. The synergy of these actions certainly contributes to making the face more homogeneous and younger in appearance. In the case of so-called ablative lasers, the target is the water. This is ubiquitous in the skin; therefore, this kind of lasers have the effect of directly vaporizing the epidermis.

A bit of history...

The old "Laser Resurfacing” treatments consisted in the removal of the whole epidermis and part of the face dermis with an ablative laser; the subsequent re-epithelization led to a clear improvement in the quality of the skin and the disappearance of many wrinkles. However, good results were obtained with high risk and sacrifice: surgery was performed under general anaesthesia and the risks of hyperchromia, hypochromia or scarring was considerable. In addition, patients had very important erythema, oedema, and scabs for several weeks after surgery.

Fractional Lasers

Recently, the introduction of "Fractional" ablation laser has drastically revolutionized the concept of laser resurfacing. These lasers emit not a single laser beam, but a series of microscopic rays creating tiny "columns" of vaporized tissue surrounded by healthy tissue. This does not completely remove the epidermis and the restorative process is much faster and safer. Resurfacing is an outpatient treatment that does not require anaesthesia and allows the patient to resume normal work at short notice. Samsara Medical Clinic is provided with a Pixel 2940 nm laser. If needed, the combination with pulsed light at different wavelengths is an optimal complement to erase all the major signs of skin ageing: wrinkles, capillaries, discoloration.

Who is it suggested for?

The fractional resurfacing laser is indicated for mild to moderate photo ageing: the ability to "dose" the energy and the number of transits at one point allow a great personalization of the treatment. Young subjects with a low degree of roughness, or patients not willing to withstand long recovery times may undergo lighter treatments (Refreshing).

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