Face Treatment

Face and neck Radio Frequency

Face and neck Radio Frequency

For the treatment of skin relaxation

Facial and neck radio frequency is one of the latest treatments to counteract the loss of tone of the skin and wrinkle appearance.

This method uses a form of electromagnetic energy that interacts with skin and subcutaneous tissues by developing heat. The warm, deep and uniform heating action results in an immediate shortening of collagen and elastin fibres, while stimulating fibroblasts to synthesize neocollagenes.
The application is particularly suitable for people aged between 30 and 70 who have mild to moderate skin relaxation and who want to improve their appearance by regaining tonicity and definition of their oval, but, of course, there are no age limits.

The areas that can be treated are different, but the most requested are facial wrinkles, relaxed chin and neck creases.

The treatment can be done on all skin types and even during summer, as the sun does not represent a contraindication. Radio frequency sessions do not require special preparation.

Each session can last between fifteen to sixty minutes depending on the area to be treated and is usually very pleasant. Immediately after treatment you can resume your usual activities. In some cases, and temporarily, a slight redness or a feeling of excessive heat may appear after application.

The immediate effect is skin relaxation, which immediately gives brightness to the face, improving skin texture. Continuing the treatments over time, after 5-8 sessions, the collagen production increases, resulting in a steady increase in skin compactness and smoothness.

The biological effects of radio frequency have a long duration, but if you want to keep the optimal result, it is recommended to repeat a complete cycle of treatment every year to counteract natural ageing. Timing and treatment methods vary from case to case because they are affected by subjective factors related to skin type and starting situation.

Radio frequency gives good results also in other body areas and is indicated for skin relaxation (skin Ptosis) of the inner thighs, buttocks, abdomen or the sagging skin of the arms (“flag arms”).

The proposed protocol provides 8 sessions on a weekly basis to maximize results in the shortest possible time; it will be up to the technician to vary this periodicity depending on the case and the moment, possibly suggesting other aesthetic or medical aids.

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