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Chemical Peeling Protocol

Chemical Peeling

200 CHF

This technique is used mainly to lighten the skin, promoting cell renewal, by stimulating the natural regeneration of tissues. Peeling can be done chemically or by laser, and helps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, responsible for cell regeneration.

Suggested uses

People with light and thin skin respond well to all types of peelings and can undergo the most aggressive treatments. Dark skin requires more attention as it is at risk of stains, scars and hypochromia. In this case, the indication is for a superficial peeling with lower active principle concentrations.

Post-treatment care

After peeling the skin becomes sensitive and delicate. Please avoid sun exposure, use high-quality photo protections to avoid stains caused by ultraviolet rays.Do not remove the scabs or flakes that form during the exfoliation process since they may become visible scars.

Use thermal water spray or moisturizing creams that give comfort to the skin.

In the case of severe inflammation, cortisone creams may be useful in order to give immediate benefit, but only upon prescription.

Medical peeling should always be performed under the supervision of a dermatologist.

Surface peeling

The most used today is surface peeling, which has more delicate active principles and can be used to treat melasma, acne, thin wrinkles and photo aging. It is applied to 5 sittings, at a distance of 2-4 weeks.

Medium peeling

They can lessen stains caused by sun and photo-aging. They differ from other types of peelings because they act specifically on the biochemical mechanisms of melanin formation. The treatment is applied in the outpatient clinic and must be removed at home with soap and water after about 6-8 hours. Skin may appear reddish and desquamant in the early days, but after a week it returns to be bright and rejuvenated. This peeling is repeated in 2-3 sessions, on a monthly basis.

Deep peeling

Are outpatient treatments that are suitable for lighter skins, excellent in improving the appearance of skin spots and surface wrinkles. They can be carried out exclusively during the winter. Skin should be prepared with appropriate creams in the previous weeks. These peels usually require, after the session, 4-5 days of rest at home since you are creating an intense desquamation for disassembling. The treated skin becomes dark and exfoliates progressively leaving the place to a renewed skin with attenuated marks.

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