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Non-surgical Blepharoplasty

400 CHF per session


Plexer is an innovative tool that has made its appearance in aesthetic medicine a few years ago.

Designed and developed by Prof. Fippi, an Italian specialist in electrosurgery, this tool exploits the micro-ablation effect of plasma (a particular state of the matter) when it comes into contact with our epidermis.

We create point-like micro-ablations on the area to be treated, which lead to a progressive deduction. The periocular area is one of the most treated anatomical areas, with particular reference to the upper eyelids.

In this case, Plexer allows, in 3-4 sessions, to achieve a visible lifting effect similar to blepharoplasty.

Like all medical procedures, it has specific indications and contraindications and it will be the doctor's duty to evaluate the practicability of treatment in each individual case.

Immediately after the session, small point-like scabs and mild swelling can appear. The latter regresses completely in 3 days, the scabs fall spontaneously in 5-7 days.

Between two sessions can pass 4-6 weeks. For a week, patients will need to apply a mild antibiotic cream to achieve perfect healing.
Side effects are extremely limited and, before the following session, the application of an anaesthetic pre-treatment cream is required.

The treated area must be protected from the sun for at least 6 weeks.

Plexer also brings benefits in the treatment of lentigo simplex (freckles) on hands, face and décolleté.

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