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Regenerative Flebotherapy (TRAP)

Regenerative Flebotherapy (TRAP)

250 CHF per session

Regenerative Flebotherapy (Vascular Treatment)

TRAP is a permanent and definitive method for treating the ectasia (dilations) of the veins of the lower limbs. It is a "cure" of varicose disease that strengthens the vein wall, narrows the lumen, resets the valve function and improves, in certain cases until disappearance, all the visible vessels: varicose veins, venules and capillary telangiectasia (without surgery and / or sclerotherapy).

Varicose veins and "capillaries" dilated in the lower limbs are very frequent conditions, occurring in more than 50% of the western adult population, affecting both sexes, with a prevalence of women. Many patients have so far given up treatment because they believe they must undergo surgery and / or sclerotherapy. The difficulty of achieving good results with surgery and sclerosing injections led to a review of most concepts that guide current phlebological therapies, culminating in the elaboration of the TRAP (Three-dimensional Ambulatory Fleboterapy Remedy) after several years of study and experimentation.

The method

The veins are not obliterated, removed or bound, but treated.With the TRAP, instead of surgically removing the veins or wiping them out with sclerotherapy, the vein wall is cured, tightening the veins lumen and reinforcing the elasticity of the blood vessel, thus regenerating the superficial and perforating veins. The specialist in the methodology uses a Sodium Salicylate solution from 3% to 6% in a hydroglyceric vehicle buffered in a non-obliterating concentration and with an appropriate anatomical and chronological protocol that injects into all visible and not visible, pathological and not pathological vessels, in an amount sufficient to come into contact with perforating veins (½ ml to 3 ml). This solution is well tolerated. The venous district not visible to the naked eye will be intercepted with an optic fiber light able to focus the hypodermic veins at a certain depth. The functional and aesthetic efficacy of the TRAP is confirmed by the permanent disappearance of the vessels of the surface circle.

Who can undergo this treatment

TRAP can also be used on patients already treated with other therapies unsuccessfully.

The treatment is performed outpatient, is not painful, does not require anaesthesia, and allows immediate resumption of normal patient's socio-occupational activity. A true revolution, with the TRAP, which, unlike sclerotherapy, keeps the valvular apparatus (the most resistant part of the vein), and promotes an orderly "regeneration" of all vessels (the term "regeneration" means restored vascular structure and function) with reduced circulatory capacity, ensuring a marked improvement in the patient's symptoms, restoring the aesthetics of the limbs and preventing the development of varicose disease.

Treatment is three-dimensional because venous pathology is a three-dimensional pathology and therefore cannot be effectively treated with two-dimensional therapies such as conventional ones (sclerotherapy, phlebectomy, lasers and endovascular HFs, percutaneous lasers or Timed, etc.). The cure is performed in all regions of the limb, because meiopragy (weakness of the tissues) is widespread in all the venous walls of the superficial and perforating circles. Restricting therapeutic treatment exclusively where visible veins are present does not correct the hemodynamic changes in the circle and inevitably predisposes to relapse.

Unlike classical sclerotherapy, TRAP does not close the blood vessels, but reduces their caliber, making them stronger and more functional.

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