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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal


Mustaches/chin: 80CHF per session
Face: 200CHF per session
Armpits: 120CHF per session
Groin: 140CHF per session
Arms: from 200CHF per session
Back: from 250CHF per session
Chest/abdomen: from 250CHF per session
Legs: from 250CHF per session

Laser Hair Removal Alessandrite CANDELA®

What is Laser Alessandrite?

The Syneron-Candle GentleLase takes advantage of the unrivalled effects of the Alessandrite laser to achieve a progressive hair removal in a few quick sessions. Produced solely in the USA, many have attempted to copy its effectiveness, but none have yet achieved it. This technology is one of only a few in the medical class. Nowadays the widespread use of the laser diode is employed by both doctors and beauticians.

Its effectiveness is still unbeaten, with the advantage of not having to use gel conductors or handheld devices in direct contact with the skin (definitely more hygienic, especially when dealing with particular body areas). The only part of the device that comes into contact with the patient's skin is a spacer, which is replaced and sanitized between treatments.

Suggested uses

It is suitable for both men and women for hair removal throughout the body, with the exception of eyebrows. Undoubtedly athletes, who need to be depilated frequently, would benefit from this type of treatment.


This treatment is not suitable for use on tanned or dark skins, nor on areas with dermatitis or skin lesions.

Duration of treatment

Each session can last from a few minutes to over an hour, depending on the size of the area to be treated.

How it works

The laser targets melanin, a dark coloured organic chromophore that pigmentates the skin, body hair and hair. The greater the melanin content of each hair, the greater the effectiveness. The laser beam heats melanin instantly. This literally "explodes" the hair bulb in its seat (the follicle), damaging the germinal cells of the hair. After several treatments, the follicle will be completely destroyed as well as the dermal papilla and blood supply needed for hair growth. During the session, a fresh air jet makes the treatment painless.

Pre- and post-treatment

It is recommended that you arrive for your treatment without tanned skin, that has not been exposed to tanning sunlight for at least 6 weeks. The area to be treated should have short hair between 1 and 3 mm, in order for the treatment to be able to heat the underlying skin. Just after the session, the treated area may be reddened and the follicles will be slightly swollen, indicating the success of the treatment. Apply a thin layer of soothing cream for a few days. After 6-8 weeks, you can proceed with the second session. On average, between one sitting and the next, hair is reduced by 20%.

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